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We’re in shop everyday catching up! We do have some 16 ocean series made in stock, call for availability
We’re catching up on the mountain of orders! We do have some 16 trampolines made in stock call for availability

Genoa cover melges 24 tensioning

Color: Charcoal grey

melges 24 tensioning Genoa sleeve 


Standard genoa sleeves made with the traditional sock method are difficult to lash because lines can’t be tensioned near the top of the sleeve where tension is needed most. This results in a sleeve that flogs in strong winds. A flogging sleeve will quickly fall apart and creates incessant flapping noises that will make you very unpopular at the marina.


Our Genoa there’s no need to add extra lashings because of ingenious lacing system that almost completely eliminates sleeve flogging in strong winds, thus prolonging the life of both your genoa sleeve and sail from flogging and chafing. Made with top-of-the-line materials to create a well-made sleeve that will last longer than a traditional genoa sleeve. We’ve chosen Sunmaster plus for our fabric, which is a solution-dyed polyester that won’t fade in the sun. Sewn with lifetime goretex thread. We’ve taken elements from other tensioning systems and to create what we think is the best and easiest to use.  

our sock goes on just like the sailrite version but with a bigger tensioning buckle among other upgrades 

while we’re waiting to get our own install video made check out the last 6 minutes of this one starting at 1:24