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H16 Furler (special Kit with H18 Parts)

Sold out

1 Used Furler $225

2 Used Bridle Wires $50 

1 New V cleat with Rivets $0 

1 Pair Shrouds $58 Black Coated 

1 Custom lower forestay, 1 Custom upper pigtail, 1 Used H18 Jib Halyard pully with wire (wire cut down for H16 rig), New line portion of jib halyard, Used H18 Upper Swivel, Used 10 Hole H18 Chainplate, Any associated pins/ Shackles for assembly are included  $90

Rig will be made to be 1995 H16 length at its slackest to allow more forward rake if wanted like the customers 1989 Boat.