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We’re in shop everyday catching up! We do have some 16 ocean series made in stock, call for availability
We’re catching up on the mountain of orders! We do have some 16 trampolines made in stock call for availability

Hobie 16 shroud black coated 1/8



Expertly assembled wire assembles.  Ben learned all the in and outs of building standing rigging 20 years ago working at a large sailboat shop and Hobie dealer. He was soon making all the Hobie rigging and other assembly’s at this shop. His mentor was a long time Hobie factory employee and race organizer of some of the Worell 1000 races back when they were on 16s. 

Our rigging room is equipped with a long law hydraulic machine and loos roller swagers. Allow us to build wires for the smallest of vessels up to 35 footers.  

Our Hobie 16 wires are built from 304 stainless and vinyl coated

Wire lengths on hobie 16s have changed over the years as everyone figured out how to make boats go faster and faster. 

This doesn’t mean your pigeonholed into the lengths that were standard at the time your boat was made. Newer boats have more rake that 1980s or 1970s boats. Before you go max rake there are some factors to consider

1. In 1984 the mast step changed to allow more rake

2. In 2005 the shape of the jib sail changed to accommodate more rake 

3. more rake requires a low profile mainsheet setup