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Special Package


Happy to Delete any Item! 


Ben 801-859-3962


Trampoline Options( Main trampoline for Hobie 16 New Black Mesh $259 Or Used $129.50)  Pick From selection 

Used Trampoline has some dryed lake scum and needs to be power washed 

New 16 rigging Bk coated, Shrouds, forestay, bridle $129(not picktured) 

Used Tiller Tube end cap $7.50

Tiller Connector kit New $16 (not pictured) 

Used rudder adjuster kit with screw $11

Used rudder lock kit x 2 $10 each = $20 

New Tiller extension aluminum extendable comes with new hinge yoke Assembly $75 

Jib sheet new (current race spec robline dyneema core 6mm) $33