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We’re in shop everyday catching up! We do have some 16 ocean series made in stock, call for availability
We’re catching up on the mountain of orders! We do have some 16 trampolines made in stock call for availability

Hobie 16 line kit for all metal mast and old style jib halyard

Save $60.99
Original price $199.99
Current price $139.00


We’ve been curating these line kits since 2005


current special 


Mainsheet Neptune 500 robline red suitable for a 6:1 mainsheet or 5: 

jibsheet white / blue 

main halyard 1/4. Grey yellow white ( larger than the 3/16 but easier on the hands when hoisting older sails) 

jib halyard grey/ blue/ white 

trapeze adjust line 4 



trapeze bungee 

jib traveler adjustment line 

jib traveler bungee 

8 batten ties

did we forget anything?